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Re: Has the Blood & Chrome miniseries aired yet?

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The thing is, all buzz has been positive. The Trailer they showed at ComicCon was well received. The folks who saw it to for Toy development were impressed, there hasn't been any insider who had any hesitation in praising it, and what's been released was well received, and Action Packed.
I'd be wary of using ComicCon buzz as an indicator of potential success. The new Dredd movie was well received at ComicCon, and flopped hugely at the box office. SyFy has cultivated an audience that likes light sci fi with cop show elements and haunted house "reality" shows. I'm far from certain that's the same crowd as ComicCon.

And even if it does do well, then what? They've already made the decision not to go forward. There's nothing that will piss off the boss worse than being publically embarassed by having a decision proven wrong. Nobody's going to go there, not if they value their jobs.

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Because if the reaction is bad, it will make them look like fools for ever greenlighting the pilot.
What, they're going to be embarrassed by this with some of the stuff that they already broadcast proudly and without shame?
If Mansquito vs Sharktopus garners good ratings, and that kind of thing does do well for them, it can be as garbagey as they like but it will be a source of pride around the SyFy offices and the boss wll be pleased.

What they don't want to do is air something that flops, but even worse is to pass on something, and then air it anyway, and have it succeed, and make the boss look like a fool for passing on it. Heads will roll.

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I'm wondering if we're ever going to get straight sci fi again or if we have years of gimmicky freak of the week conspiracy stuff ahead of us and nothing else.
SyFy is working on a few space based shows and one with aliens (on a future Earth) called Defiance wll debut next spring but I'm a bit wary that will be yet another attempt to mimic Deadwood's tough style, something that results in a misfire more often than not.

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Another oddity on this show is that the SyFy newsfeed, Blastr, never, never reviews or edits the comments, except when folk talked about the leaked Blood and Chrome trailer, and they deleted who threads. You can point out how appalling their journalism is, point out factual errors, point out grammatical mistakes, and they never take any notice, but whispering you enjoyed the Blood and Chrome trailer was strictly verboeten.
Heh, you pay a lot more attention to the comments than I do, that's interesting and definitely an indicator tha internal office politics at SyFy are at play. Someone issued that order to censor certain comments, they wouldn't just be doing it of their own volition.

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