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Re: Star Trek: Of Gods and Men

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I was unaware that the new Star Trek film cost over $1.5 billion to make.

Also, this whole idea seems really weird of gathering money and then showing it to CBS. Shouldn't they be asking them permission before trying to gather funds from fans?

And why should money even be the difference? Didn't we learn from the Enterprise fundraisers that those with the rights cared more about keeping their brand as not being bottom of the barrel rather than continuing on for measly amounts of money?
A reminder: $150,000 is 0.01% of $150 million, not of $1.5 billion. (It looks like you are thinking of 1% instead of one one-hundredth of one percent.)
Actually Greg, 150,000,000 x 0.001% is 150k so the 0.01% is a typo on the kickstarter page that will be fixed.
You do know that 0.001% is 0.00001, right?
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