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Re: STO: TrekBBS Armada and House of TrekBBS - Fleet discussion and FA

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Fleet Reconnaissance Science Vessel
*Does happy dance*

Only better-looking ship for my playstyle would be the new Wells-Class timeship but that's lockbox only so not guaranteed. If I'm grinding for 2000 Zen to pay for a ship, I'd rather be certain of GETTING it. Got one Fleet Ship Module already banked. Don't worry, I'm not putting ALL my dilithium into Zen, some is going to fleet projects.
Well if you make sure to grind a very large amount of ECs you could probably buy a Wells off the Exchange
I'm hopeless at EC grinding. I have 3.2 million on my toon right now. That's probably the most I've ever earned. I'll be lucky if I can afford a Fleet Ship Module from the exchange.
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