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Re: Faith in Humanity Restoration Thread

Okay so this is obviously a totally minor thing, but I'm at the airport right now and had a bad situation turn into a good one. When I originally booked my trip, I did it online but never got a confirmation. I called up American Airlines and was told that it didn't go through so I would have to rebook. It also hadn't appeared on the credit card, so I went ahead and rebooked about a week later.

Today I go to check in and I'm told that I have two seats booked on the flight! Not good. I checked in under one, then called AA when I was past security. The agent quickly understood the situation, apologized, and cancelled my other reservation and refunded the full price. I didn't have to ask or fight or anything, which was pretty nice. So what could have been a huge hassle turned out to be fixed rather easily. Thanks American Airlines!
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