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Re: Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

breaking them up wouldn't make any make sense for the writers like Zoe Saldana said why bother with their relationship if you are not gonna stand by it and further develop it in the sequel?
They also did give a lot of space to it in the novels and plenty of hints in the comics.
This is one of the few things that make this THEIR own star trek.

Spock/Uhura Fan wrote: View Post
At this point, I'm not even sure that I want to respond. If you don't like them, you don't like them. But please, don't say it's not necessary and other things are (relationship-wise), and then say that you're not basing things off of the previous timeline.

I was about to write something similar.
and sorry Ufo, I don't have the energy to read everything you said and reply again. I don't want to go off topic again, plus it's pretty much obvious that you are as biased as the rest of us is although from the tone of your posts I bet you think that your interpretations are undeniable absolute facts.

anyway this bit did give me a good laugh:

The fact I am happy for Uhura to have a relationship with anyone who is actually available, argues against any sort of prejudice surely
I do wonder what or who makes Spock not "actually available" Geez Uhura get your hand off him! He's not available for you! I guess you're one of those Spock is asexual fans. Except he wasn't one even in TOS but hey... Let's agree to disagree about everything here.

First, as mentioned, it was only "sudden" from our point of view.
and we can say the same about the ones that dislike Spock/Uhura for the same reason

It seems you were suffering from shock (of more than one type), not implausibility.
same as above

It could have easily progress over years of "prime time", to coin a phrase, before STV. It just didn’t show up on screen before that.
same could be said about Spock/Uhura both in TOS and ST09
but I thought that what wasn't showed on screen never happened and therefore is not canon. This is all plot bunnies.

my point stands that neither Scotty/Uhura nor Spock/Uhura happened in TOS and are canon there. They did happen only in the movies (about different realities).
Then, If we want to talk about hints from TOS then Nichelle Nichols is totally right. Between the two the only CANON clues we could find in TOS did hint to Spock/Uhura and never to Scotty/Uhura. Whatever you think that happened offscreen between Scotty/Uhura is up to you and your opinion. It's also called fanfiction. But it makes your argument against Spock/Uhura hypocritical for afore mentioned reasons and the number of excuses you are using to justify Scotty/Uhura all the while denying Spock/Uhura for the reasons that seem to make you believe that the first were not only believable but happened (of screen, in your fantasy) in TOS
all the while denying or minimize the actual hints of Spock/Uhura
The funniest part is that your argument is that according to you Uhura flirting with Spock is no hint of any romantic interest from her part BUT, according to you, we're supposed to believe that she had a romantic interest for Scotty because, according to you, it happened of screen.. it just wasn't showed to us! too bad..

Where is the double standard here? I’m not seeing it.
I see plenty but I won't argument this more than that
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