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Re: How will the Ponds depart?

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Well, seeing as the story is set in New York, the most satisfying result IMO would be to have them zapped back in time to 1969. They then meet and adopt their own daughter, newly regenerated, before relocating back to Leadworth under false names. They then get a chance to raise her properly, eventually passing from old age after a long and happy life together.
Guy Gardener wrote: View Post
Thus removing River with a Paradox.
Interestingly, though, it would probably mean River being around in the present-day NuWhoniverse and with eleven regenerations left. And there's that whole Silence thing too.

I really don't think they'll wipe out River's story. Maybe they'll address the Library episode in some way. (The Williamses should have suspected something by now. At least I would think that they asked him how he first met their daughter.)
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