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Re: Did Kirk captain any ship before Enterprise?

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Sorry, but your opinion is irrelevant. It's what the evidence supports that matters.
Don't tell me my opinion is irrelevant. Your "evidence" is in a book, not in the show, regardless of what that book was meant to represent.

Of course, you are welcome to your own opinion on the matter just as much as I am.
My evidence is the damned original Writer's Guide which is supported by a spoken reference onscreen. That's worth a helluva lot more than your opinion. And the Writer's Guide is Gene Roddenberry's intent which also carries more weight than your opinion. And I reiterate that these two bits of evidence were never contradicted at any time later.
Well, Roddenberry's original intent was for Spock to be a red Martian and for Troi to have three breasts...
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