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Re: Did Kirk captain any ship before Enterprise?

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I agree. The only problem, though, is that the idea that the original Enterprise was "Starship Class" is rather directly contradicted by several later series. The one that springs to mind immediately is "Relics," wherein Picard refers to the original ship's bridge as "Constitution class" and Scotty agrees. Now, you could extend that and say it is a "Constitution class starship," but to say it is a "Constitution class Starship class ship" seems unlikely.

While it is fact that there was a plaque on the Enterprise bridge that did, indeed, say "Starship Class" and not "Constitution class," the plaque is barely visible -- I'm not certain we can ever make out the wording in TOS -- and the lines of dialogue in later series are pretty definitive. Therefore, much like writer intentions that are later contradicted, I feel safe in ignoring the plaque in the same way we ignore "James R. Kirk."
I don't see why the Enterprise couldn't be a Starship-Class, Constitiution-Class, and Heavy Cruiser-Class vessel. Much in the same way that the USS Grissom from TSFS is an Starship-Class, Oberth-Class and a "Scout-Class" vessel.
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