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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

The Quality of Mercy (Babylon 5) - This was a good episode. Londo's parts were great, I especially like the reveal about a part of his...anatomy The parts with the killer were also interesting. It definately confirmed my opinion that I would not want to live in a society that has telepaths. The killer deserved a horrible punishment, and I think getting his mind wiped is probably a fate worse than death, but its also really freaky, and I'd argue its more of a cruel and unusual punishment than anything. Just to clarify, in real life I support the death penalty (I'm NOT saying that to start conversation about the subject, I'm just saying it to give some context), but this mind wipe thing seems pretty bad. Not that serial killers like this guy wouldn't deserve it, I guess it just goes back to me not being able to find any real good uses for telepaths in Babylon 5. They just seem to exist to do evil or borderline evil things. I guess helping in negotiations is harmless, but besides that they always seem to be involved in morally ambiguous activities. While watching this episode, I realised I haven't seen G'Kar in awhile. I'm betting he'll be back for the next episode, the season 1 finale.
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