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Re: Vegas: Cowboys vs. Mobsters in the '60s

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indianatrekker64: Ratings generally track both the overall amount of viewers who tune in to a given program, and the amount of viewers of a specific target audience who tune in to a given program. Vegas scored high in overall viewership, but low in the specific target audience group (the demo/demographic) that CBS wants the show to appeal to. If it keeps getting high overall viewership numbers but a low score in the target demo, CBS is going to have to decide which set of numbers means more to them when it comes to deciding whether or not to renew the show.
A few random thoughts.

So far it has been the best of the early season
If they didn't want 50+ then I just don't understand the casting.. I got the Longmire vibe also, although I think Longmire is thought of more of a throwback to this era.

I appreciated the throwaway, so far of the Whites Only restroom sign, however with a Native American tracker on the extended cast will they or won't they whitewash the racial attitudes of the era. On Las Vegas on their fantasy throwback episode they just handwaved that Mike was with the mob and he will be treated right.
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