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Re: Kerbal Space Program

Saturn0660 wrote: View Post
I need more fuel and see if you can ""land"" on the sun.
However, not sure you can. when i check my orbit it showed me going right through the star.
Yeah, the sun doesn't have a surface or proper texture in the demo, it's just a white thing that you can float through. In the most recent version it has a proper surface with dynamic sun spots and solar flares, but you can't land on it because your ship explodes if you get too close.

Robert Maxwell wrote: View Post
Why would you need more fuel, though? Wouldn't the sun's gravity pull you in? Wouldn't your velocity toward it be maintained, even without fuel?
Ah, but you're in orbit of the sun, in order to crash into it you'll need to decrease your orbital velocity to zero or thereabouts. That requires a lot of fuel because once you escape the gravitational influence of planet Kerbin, you'll still be orbiting the sun at roughly 9,000m/s.

Seems like an odd physics model.
It attempts to simulate real orbital mechanics but it can only simulate gravity from one body at a time, so if you're going to the moon then once you reach the moon's sphere of influence you are no longer affected by the planet's gravity. It's a bit unrealistic but a necessary sacrifice to allow the game to run smoothly.
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