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Second, what we see of the Genesis planet being born looks nothing like the Carol Marcus' demo reel.
It's a demo reel, showing a greatly accelerated, not to mention, projected computer simulation. They've never deployed the Genesis effect upon a planetary scale, so of course, the demo reel is going to look nothing like the actual effect.

I believe the intent of the filmmakers is that the Mutara Nebula becomes Genesis.
Yet, they then showed the Genesis planet in orbit of a star, since when did nebulae orbit stars?

We then come to the classic argument about how much mass is needed for the creation of the Genesis planet, and whether gaseous mass can be used in place of solid mass.

Like I said earlier, it makes more sense for the Genesis wave to have travelled to the nearest planet or planetoid, which could have been Regulus, enveloped that planet or planetoid as it was designed to do, and then terraformed that planet or planetoid into Genesis.

Hell, even if Regulus did become Genesis, Regula One might have even survived the Genesis wave, depending on it's orbital location at that time.

We don't know the fate of Regula, or Regula One space station.
Not on-screen, no. However, in many of the novels set during this time, it's mentioned that Carol and/or David, returned to Regula One, in order to pack up their research and sort out the personal effects of their deceased colleagues (the bodies of those colleagues were presumably picked up by Enterprise).

This could all be solved quite simply, if someone were to ask Harve Bennett or Nicholas Meyer, what their intentions were.
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