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Re: The Genesis planet...

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So for all we know, Genesis did almost exactly what the Marcuses wanted it to do, with the modification that the wave was initiated at a distance rather than at the surface of the target world.
For all you know.

That's not how the script described it. The new planet is drawn together from nebula gases and the USS Reliant debris. The whole point of this explosion is that it is less controlled, and much bigger, than either the simulation tape (transforming a planetoid named Keti Bandar by the FX guys) and the Genesis Cave.

If you're trying to tell us that it's Regula being terraformed by the wave, what happened to the orbiting Regula One space station? If the explosion is doing what it's supposed to do, why the urgency for Enterprise to escape? Because the device's detonation had not been aimed at a target. Wouldn't the wave dissipate before it found the planet?
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