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Re: Details for J. K. Rowling's next novel

Just read a short review of it.. it was good but kinda lukewarm.

It's a social commentary and as far from Potter as possible. Don't plan to read it but i guess her name alone will let it sell well no matter the quality (and as someone here said earlier i think quite a few critics are just itching to bury her alive.. something they couldn't do during Potter as it would sunk them rather than Rowling).

Good for her to branch out and refuse to be cornered by the Potter universe.. she could churn out books set in the universe until her dying days and they would all be successes financially but she's not a struggling writer anymore so money is not an issue.

I hope she succeeds and provides good stories in the future.. the current book is not appealing to me from the sound of it but maybe there will be others i'd like to read.
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