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The Geography of DS9

I've been rewatching DS9 again, and despite all my years of viewing and familiarity with the show, I still have a question about the layout of the station.

All the airlock doors on the station are identical - the large circular doors that roll open. Everyone entering the station from a ship enters through these roll away doors. Everyone departing the station exits through these rolling doors. Presumably people are entering and exiting ships that are docked at the station.

So...why are there airlock doors on the Promenade? Ships don't dock there. Yet, in "Rejoined", Jadzia - standing on what is clearly the upper level of the Promenade - watches as Lenara departs the station through an airlock door on the Promenade. But Lenara can't be entering a ship at that airlock, because there are no docking ports at the level of the station's Promenade. Where was she going, then? She wasn't getting into a lift, because those have different doors.

What is going on with people entering and exiting directly to and from the Promenade?
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