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Re: Anyone Find Generations "Saucer crash" to be poorly done?

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Also, Geordi's VISOR had been tampered with before, and that tampering almost resulted in the assassination of a visiting leader. If from that point on, they didn't automatically check the VISOR anytime Geordi had been in a compromising situation, they were definitely incompetent.
You're correct in that they should have checked his visor because it had been tampered with in the past, but they still didn't know for a fact that it had been tampered with. I had always surmised that his visor was taken away so Geordi simply wouldn't be able to see not that Soran was going to tamper with it. I mean in the movie Soran tells the Klingons to "eliminate them." At that point, I don't see why Soran would have tampered with the visor just to then destroy the enterprise if that old bird of prey could. To me, he seemed generally interested in the visor as a doctor so he studied it to see how it works...etc but at the last moment, he decided to do whatever it is he did with it, then send Geordi back. But again you are very spot on. They really should have checked it. I do stand corrected.
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