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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

Saw some new pics up on Blastr this morning and it got me thinking (ALWAYS dangerous)...

I know they are trying to loosly follow along with the comic, so this question/point is moot.. But...

Why, after a time, did they not try to go back and repopulate the farm, taking care to shore up defenses and such.. The zombie mob moves on, en masse, based on what we've seen in the show.. Yes, the prison, with its walls and fences, is easier to defend, but the farm comes with cropland and running water... Just a nicer place... It wouldn't be THAT much trouble to go to a nearby town, forage at a Home Depot for chainlink fencing and put up a defensible perimeter around the house for any future attacks.

Again, it doesn't really matter, but it just made me think...
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