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Re: They are going ahead with a Justice League movie

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Or it could you know be the other way around where MoS may have inspired the New 52 Superman.
As I just said, that's overwhelmingly more likely. The movie was already in the works when the New 52 version came along, and the movie will be far more lucrative for DC/Time Warner than the comics could ever be. So of course the comics would be following the lead of the mass-media version, the same as they've been doing since the 1940s.

Although I have to ask, what evidence of commonalities between the movies and the current comics do we actually have? The only thing I can think of is that both Superman costumes have ditched the red trunks. But that just seems to be a product of modern fashion sense; the trunks-over-tights look of classic superheroes, based on the outfits of '40s circus strongmen and acrobats, are widely ridiculed today as "underwear on the outside." Since it's generally fallen out of fashion, it could just be that both the movie and comics versions are reflecting contemporary tastes, rather than one deliberately copying the other. So is there any other evidence of commonality?
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