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'Alias' series on Netflix streaming in HD (finally)

I watched the initial broadcast run of Alias and dropped off in the 3rd season and also caught a few episodes in season 4.
Now I own the first 3 seasons on DVD. I heard the 4th season was awful and the 5th season is good if not great.

This week I noticed Netflix added Alias to the Instant streaming list and it is in HD. If anyone has been wanting to watch this and just doesn't want to watch it on DVDs on a large screen here it is.
Yesterday I watched most of the season 5 1st episode "Prophet Five" . It looked very digitally sharpened for some of the action stuff. I think it was more of an in-camera 90 degree shutter angle stuff like on Saving Private Ryan. I thoroughly enjoyed the music by Michael Giacchino.

Is anyone doing a rewatch on Netflix? How many of you dropped off after season 2 or 3 and missed the rest?

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