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Did Vader ever fathom that Palpatine was Darth Sideous?

I read the excellent comics to Ghost Prison today which was set a couple years after the clone wars but Vader seemed to be totally in the dark still about the role the Emperor played in Separatist Movement which (doubly still) "seemed' to be run by Dooku... Which meant that he still had a hard on for frakking back for eveyrthing Dooku did to his friends and "family" even though most of who he eventually killed himself after order 66 came into play.

In the pages of Ghost Prison, Vader saw a recording of Jedi Council meeting where they are saying that they are worried about Anikan, and worried about his relationship with the Chancellor and that they should play things close tot he vest which he took as validation that he made the right choice in killing them all, and not that they were right to be worried becuase he killed them all.

What a nutcake.
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