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So you were definitely implying that those critics were applying a simplistic universal rule....

Some of them WERE saying they needed to be three-parters. Or did I just dream it?
My point is that just because they said that about those particular stories, that doesn't automatically mean they'd feel the same about every story.

But I never said anything about it being a "simplistic rule". You put that term into the discussion, not me. Of course there's no such rule; I'm not arguing so. If anything, some of the best writing is when a writer tweaks or even breaks supposed accepted rules.
I'm not saying you believe that, I'm saying you implied that they believed it.

There were people on this bbs speculating that the redshirt and Keenser one-shots weren't even going to be worth buying. They said that if the two-parters needed more issues to tell a decent story, they doubted IDW could do it in a one-shot.
Okay, that clarifies things. You could've just said so in the first place and saved us both some trouble.
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