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Re: Star Trek: Of Gods and Men

Here's the big announcement (from their Facebook page):
Star Trek Renegades wrote:
We are producing ST: Renegades as a pilot episode to present to CBS as a possible online series!
And the best part is – YOU can play an important role in making this happen! We’ve just launched a 60-day funding drive on – the premiere funding platform on the web for creative projects.
At kickstarter, every project is all-or- nothing funding, supported by friends, fans, and the public in return for rewards. It’s a no-risk situation - if we don’t reach our funding goal within the 60-day time period, you don’t pay!
For as little as a $10 pledge, you can help us produce this new Star Trek project! And every single pledge receives a reward, from exclusive access to online content, to DVDs or Blu-Rays, to limited edition t- shirts, leather jackets, visits to the set – even walk-on roles in the film! You can just watch from a distance or even become involved in the production as an associate producer. The stars are the limit! Check out our kickstarter page:
Some BIG NEW cast and crew news is on the site as well!
Help spread the word! Tell your friends!
Help us make this a reality!
If they get their money and make this, it'll be "presented to CBS as a possible online series"

The Kickstarter page has plot details and several cast announcements.
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