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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

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A nice colorful metaphor, but it doesn't change the facts. Regardless of how Tuvix came into being, he was alive, he was conscious and he was sentient. Janeway is captain, she's not god. She has no right to decide who lives and dies. Tuvix had as much right to be alive as anyone else on that ship. Janeway didn't respect that right and decided she'd rather have her friends back. She performed the procedure personally, so yeah.. she stuck that proverbial knife in him.
Actually as the Captain, there are several legal means and reasons for by which she could call for the execution or sacrifice of her crew... But this would be a significantly illegal one since Neelix wasn't a member of Starfleet which limits the ramifications of disobeying her legal orders and most definitely her illegal orders.

Then of course there was the 2 and a half minutes in which Tuvok was a Romulan in Meld who was ADAMANT that he did not consider he could stand life as a wussy if he was put back inside that Vulcan shaped box again.

The Doctor had no problem with neutering that version of Tuvok.

None whatsoever.

Janeway let a definition of her personality die to kill that clown.

B'Elanna took a hydrospanner to a missile who thought that it were she.

What about when B'Elanna met herself and died, and then was forced to get dosed with a hunk of Klingon DNA or die from the lack of it inside her until the new person was almost indistinguishable from the original?
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