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Re: Paddling a 16-year-old giirl at school: is everyone stupid here?

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What is wrong with corporal punishment anyway?

Worked just fine in schools for centuries.
But we have moved on so much, do we really want to step back into the days of using voilence to control a child's behaviour.

And a lot of teachers were against Physical Punishment in school for a long time before it was banned....and by the time i was 15 i was simply refusing the belt totally, which had one teacher attacking me in the corridor, wrestling me to the ground and punching me........a nasty peice of work that asshole, big bugger as well....and not the kind of person you want being able to use voilence on kids with complete of the reasons i am personally glad its long gone and that none of my nephew's or niece's will ever bump into a crazy unhinged idiot like this in school.

Best in my opinion to leave coropral punishment back in the past were it belongs.

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