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Re: How did the Nero, his crew and ship escape Rura Penthe?

Where does it say that the planet was in the Romulan Neutral Zone? And even if that had been the case, how would a Romulan prison in the Romulan Neutral Zone equate to a Klingon prison planet in the Romulan Neutral Zone?
Carraya on that map is on the wrong side of the RNZ, meaning prisons can be established in illegal places and go unnoticed for decades. (Indeed, one would assume that a prison that is also a mine would be founded at a location of opportunity, the prisoners secretly digging out somebody else's property at minimal cost...)

Nero's arrival point was in Federation space
Why would it be? Starfleet starships are seldom found in Federation space in the episodes and movies; generally they tend to survey the unknown.

not in any Neutral Zone
Starfleet ships normally don't go into those, no. But the Starfleet radio voice was worried about Robau being close to Klingons for some reason. Perhaps the badass skipper was indeed trespassing in the name of science?

and there is no nearby star at Spock's arrival point.
The VFX isn't specific enough to tell. But we do see the same fancy orange glow there in the "THREE YEARS LATER" intro to the Spock encounter.

we're not told anything at all about what happens to them during the 25 years
Exactly - except for Nero himself saying they "waited". Which could have involved glorious battles with Klingons, daring break-ins to the vaults of the Vulcan Science Academy, a failed romance with the Empress of Romulus, or twenty years of drug addiction followed by five of painful rehabilitation.

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