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Re: Federation Law of restricting cloaking device

If the Klingons wanted to bombard strategic Cardassian targets, they would have done it from a location THEY controlled, at a time that was convenient for their strategic priorities.
...And they did control DS9.

Which, again, is kind of the point: the Battle of Britain is a massively important front in the war, but is almost never mentioned in movies set in the Pacific theatre.
Which would be fine if DS9 were about the adventures of a starship in "the Pacific", rather than a space station "at Calais".

the Klingons would be launching those missiles from actual submarines that can more easily hide from sensors and/or counterattack.
Yup - but, given the Dominion capability for countermeasures, they'd be likely to do it the Russian style, launching from cloaked fleets floating in safe "bastion" areas within Klingon-controlled space.

ground combat itself would be impossible
As far as we know, it is. In "Nor the Battle", the whole point appeared to be to lure USS Farragut to her death; in "Siege of AR-558", the fight appeared to be between two groups of castaways. What happened at, say, Septimus III, would be of the greatest interest: it sounded as if the Klingons just wanted to push that garrison aside, rather than take control of the planet, but they still expected three weeks of battles. Why not use a missile strike there?

the Klingon units deploying those kinds of weapons would be units that don't have combat ships of their own
There could be various interesting arrangements there, not necessarily all that clear-cut. Just think of the SAC operating both bombers and ICBMs, or the monobloc Navy having nuclear strike capability in so many forms. Or the Russians combining defensive air forces and ground-based air defenses under one organization, and then having a separate air force for offense.

One also wonders... How was the Cardassian Dreadnought launched? What sort of support infrastructure does it require? If the Maquis weapons are comparable, one might speculate "not a lot, and none of it high tech". Could the Romulans have installed ISBMs of their own on one of Bajor's moons in secrecy?

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