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Re: "The impossible has happened..."

My assumption is that those were records made when they joined up after graduating the academy, not reports of measurements made earlier that day.
That's my preference as well - the big problem being that Mitchell is indicated to have held the rank of Lieutenant Commander while 23.

But we could decide that these records are kept "partially" up to date. That is, they always display the person's current rank, address and other such specs, but they also indicate the age at which the specific test results were obtained. No doubt Mitchell's immutable birthdate would be found a few lines down...

I'd wonder about the food synthesizer, viewscreen, and the scanner hood in the back, plus the star scape mural on the side.
...Did the set even have four walls in the beginning? What was the first episode to show the back wall (that is, a view from the platform towards the console)?

Timo Saloniemi
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