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Re: Ewww.. SGU let's have some freaking protocol

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Look, if people don't like SGU because they found it boring, thought it was too much like a soap opera, thought it didn't have enough English-speaking/human-looking/oxygen-breathing alien, or thought the characters were unlikable b, I won't argue about that even if I disagree on all fronts. But the excuse that the characters weren't worthy of the positions they occupied doesn't wash with me. Flawed individuals make fill relative similar positions all the time. Some even overcome their flaws. The best part of SGU to me was seeing these guys over time overcome their flaws and start to pull together for the common good, to see them come to an understanding. Many viewers wanted that to happen overnight. I argue that not only is that not true to life, but that such a quick turnaround ended up being the fatal flaw of Star Trek:Voyager.
The problem wasn't that the people had flaws, but that the flaws were either so massive that shouldn't have been in the positions they were in to begin with and/or the flaws were the defining characteristics of those characters. There's a certain level of competence to be expected from characters, and unfortunately for SGU, most of the leads aside from Rush rarely had it (except for plot relevant situations). We can buy people with flaws and who don't get a long as they're actually good/decent at what they're supposed to do, but when they utterly fail at that, we're gonna call bullshit on that.
In addition to this the show was also boring because they took so long to get the freaking plot moving.
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