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Re: "The impossible has happened..."

These's another cute little quirk about "Where No Man..." and "The Cage" that seems to set them off from (at least) most of TOS: the doors. If you watch the doors and pay attention to the "whoosh" sound, it is as if starship doors from this "older" era operate on a slower mechanism. Yet another little trait that, along with the uniforms, seems to make this seem like a pre-refit era prior to the rest of TOS.

The turbolift elevator car interior seems a little bit psychedelic next to the more tone-down TOS version, don't you think?

As SchwEnt pointed out, the transporter room noise in "The Cage" is quite unique. I had mixed feelings about it over the years. I coupled the heavier noise with the two-man transporter crew as a clear implication that Pike's Enterprise was indeed using significantly "older" technology requiring more manual control. Pike's line about "being responsible for two hundred and three lives" seemed to dovetail into this perception for me; for years, I assumed that older starship specs could only support smaller crews. (Maybe older starship machinery and on-board support services occupied greater internal bulk back in those days)

Does anyone know what changes there were in the transporter room set over the course of TOS, other than the sound FX and control consoles?
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