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Re: STO: TrekBBS Armada and House of TrekBBS - Fleet discussion and FA

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What will the starbase do for us?
The Fleet Starbase can be seen as a social zone for fleet members with facilities and services the can be gradually upgraded over time.

Some upgrades are for basic services that can be found on Earth Spacedock, such as tailors, banking, mail, bartender, etc... When fully upgraded, the starbase will essentially have most of the services that Earth Spacedock provides.

The more interesting upgrades will unlock the ability to purchase "Fleet" equipment, including Fleet Ships, Advanced and Elite variants of Ship Shields, Ship Deflectors, Ship Impulse Engines and Ship Weapons as well as Personal Shields, Personal Armor and Personal Weapons.

There are also upgrades that will unlock "Operational Assets" that allow players to summon various types of starships or ground personnel to assist you in various fleet actions. Another set of upgrades will unlock buffs that grant bonuses to all military/science/engineering skills.

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I see that TrekBBS Armada is a level 4 fleet. What does that mean?
Fleet Level has very little meaning right now. What's more important is the Starbase Tier. Right now we have a Tier 1 starbase, which roughly means we have unlocked a handful of Fleet Ships as well as Advanced (but not Elite) personal shields, armor and weapons.

As we upgrade the Starbase towards Tier 2, we will unlock Advanced ship shields, deflectors, impulse engines and more types of fleet ships. In fact, our Shipyard II upgrade should be completing in a day or two, which will unlock the following types of ships for members to purchase:
  • Fleet Star Cruiser
  • Fleet Reconnaissance Science Vessel
  • Fleet Escort Retrofit
  • Escort Retrofit

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And how does that drive the goal/plan for improving the starbase? I see another fleet rushing be the first fleet to max out the military tier because they think it will give them an advantage in ship building and pvp.
Most fleets place priority on upgrading their Shipyards as that will unlock more types of Fleet Ships that members can purchase. However, most fleets also neglect the fact that Provisions control the number of Fleet Ships as well as Advanced and Elite gear that members can purchase. The thing about Provisions is that it is *very much* cheaper to buy Provisions at Tier 1 than at Tier 5.

For our fleet, we place equal emphasis on upgrading the Shipyard as well as stocking up on provisions while they are still cheap. As a result, most fleets will upgrade their starbase a lot faster than we do as they chose not to stock up on Provisions.

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Someone donated a purple DOFF to a project. How does that work? I donated a white DOFF to a different project and didn't see an option to donate something of higher quality.
That's because our starbase is at Tier 1. Most of the tier 1 upgrading projects only require white doffs. Keep your blue/purple doffs handy. We will need them when our starbase reaches Tier 3+.
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