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Re: Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

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I figured it out now...the S/U relationship is like the Vegeta and bulma relationship in Dragon Ball Z.
Please do explain. I tried to find a simple description of their relationship online, but all I came across was fanfiction.

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Yes yes! That's what this thread needs, more underneath and on top.

This is a very bad photoshop art.
Aww.. what if I'd made it myself? Then my feelings would be hurt. Most manips are very amateur, I thought this one was rather lovely.

If I made one myself it would look more like a photo version of S/Uf's potato head dolls So I appreciate people's efforts!
I think it works too. I'm afaid I can't take credit for the potato heads, though. Just the typing. I do think it's a cute picture of the real product, though.

Now earlier SU/F said something about it being a love story rather than a romance and that got me thinking.. that's scary stuff. Because Trek doesn't do love stories very well.
I thought the love stories on DS9 were handled well, and even if they weren't, this is a new writing team, producers, and director. They may have success making a love story here where some others might have not or may not have been allowed to. I'm not afraid at all.

It seems almost inevitable that they will break up in the next movie even if it's a mutual agreement to move on and not some drama. I mean hopefully they don't kill her like they killed off Miranmee, Zarabeth, Edith Keeler, possibly Gaila (though the latter wasn't a romance like the others). I don't think they WILL kill her, for one thing they are already rather short on women. And for another I'm pretty sure Vulcan was enough

BUT.. what do others think, how likely is it that this will still be a love story at the end of ST:XII? I'm hoping it is, it seems like a bunch of teasing to do otherwise, to relegate Uhura to the list of one shot romances Kirk and Spock have had over the years.
A break-up in the next film has yet to be seen. I share your hope.
MA'AM. Hot damn, I can dig it.

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