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Re: Just finished KotOR for the first time...

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Yes I know, what took me so long? Well sue me. I've had this game for years, installed and uninstalled it three or four times and restarted from scratch at least twice, but today I've finally completed it for the first time!

On my first try I never even made it off Taris before I got bored with it. Second time I made it as far as Dantooine before the tedium became too much. The third time I pushed on, made it to Tatooine and fell in love with the game. So after a *very* slow and rocky start, I thoroughly enjoyed what felt like walking around in a Ralph McQuarrie painting. Kashyyyk was a bit of a let down but it was OK. Then I got to Manaan and suddenly the tedium came back with a vengeance. I left it alone for quite a while after that until a free weekend on SWTOR last month gave me an itch to give it another go.

Luckily I still had my old save files so I loaded up travelled right back to the Ebon Hawk and went straight to Korriban...Obviously I did eventually finish Manaan, but I didn't want to start off there.

Anyway, now that I've finished it, I have to say I'm at a bit of a loss as to why people sing this game's praises so much...


Don't get me wrong it's easily one of the best Star Wars games ever and a *good* game in it's own right...BUT it didn't really grip me. To be fair, the big twist regarding the player character's true identity was spoiled for me a long time ago. I did try to avoid spoilers, but it's an older game and people are understandable careless. I'm betting that was a major part of the appeal and unfortunately I can only imagine how much of a shock that would have been on a blind playthrough.

Still, plot aside I had a really hard time with gameplay.Though I'm more tolerant of thins kind of game than I used to be, I can never feel invested in combat is if all I'm doing is queuing up dice rolls to see if a Jedi can manage to miss a creature the size of a bull that's standing right in front of them. I mean, come on! I can put up with a lot, but if the combat system is rubbish and combat makes up about 90% of the game them to me, that's a deal breaker. Hell, DA2's combat system was probably the only thing that kept be going through that aimless slog of a plot!

Character interaction felt a bit spotty too, which surprised me since I'm often told that's what Bioware has been renowned for since the 'Baulder's Gate' RPGs. Here, while most of your teammates have fairly good introductions, as soon as they get aboard your ship, they just scuttle away to their little corner and refuse to say anything new for half the game. Because of this I found it hard to develop an attachment to them. Though you do get some of their history, none of them really have an arc and rarely do they contribute.

So how did everyone else fell about the first time they played KotOR? Am I alone in my dissatisfaction? Is there something I've overlooked?

...Is the sequel worth bothering with?
I see the thread is nearly dead, but felt like commenting.
KotOR uses Dungeons and Dragons as its underlying combat mechanic, which is by definition an abstraction of a full round of fighting. So marrying that - a pen/paper RPG system published in 1974 - to an almost-modern 3d computer game is what results in that dissonance.
In the Baldur's Gate games - computerized D&D - it made more sense, those not being 3D and not really representing individual blows as much.
I too found KotOR quite grinding in places, though not to the extent you did. KotOR 2 is a more nuanced story, though generally regarded as inferior to the first.
And actually, the dialog aspects of Bioware games are one of the more critcized, not so much lauded, aspects, the main criticism being given 5 or 6 choices with 1 or 2 different outcomes. I still enjoy the selections and "roleplaying" the character(s), but often any selection results in combat.
Lastly, Baldur's Gate, and especially BG2, are in my opinion vastly better than KotOR 1 or 2.
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