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Re: Paddling a 16-year-old giirl at school: is everyone stupid here?

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For what it's worth, half of Europe (including Italy) allow parents to administer corporal punishment, according to that map.
So does every single US state. I also know how to read maps, thanks.
And I thought we were talking about schools. There's a difference between having the state tell parents how to raise their kids and state representatives (teachers) beating kids themselves.
Not that I agree with either.
Well, I don't agree with corporal punishment. I'm just saying that it's allowed in some circumstances in Europe (negating comments from others that, if a parent did it, child protective services would be called). I understood this case to involve the consent of the parent. I don't want to have to get into in loco parentis, which is a whole different can of worms.

Also: Any specific reason for singling out Italy where corporal punishment in schools has been banned since 1928? Sulking because I'm not all that impressed by the US in this case?
Ho scelto Italia perché è un paese che usa punizione corporale in qualche circostanze (e perché conosco alcune persone dall'Italia). Mi scusi si ho causato offesa (e per la mia grammatica). Credo che Italia è un paese modernisso ed è probabilmente meglio degli stati uniti. Ma punizione corporale non era una cosa del passato persino nell'Europa occidentally.
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