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Re: NFL 2012 - Drive to Glory

And my biggest issue with the ref situation is how consistently they get calls completely wrong and when they use the review booth and screw that up. As annoying as they are, I can live with missed calls- that'll happen no matter who you have out there. But they are constantly getting calls wrong, and that's just unneccesary. And the review booth screw-ups are even worse. In the NO/KC game, KC had two touchdowns taken away on review that shouldn't have been overturned (they still got the TD on one drive and they got nothing on the other drive). And then there's our new favorite subject from Monday night.

The refs aren't entirely to blame- they're in a situation that they're obviously underqualified to deal with. And the pressure from all sides can't be helping things at all. But, they're screwing up badly enough and often enough that it's impacting the quality of the games.
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