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Re: Did Kirk captain any ship before Enterprise?

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Certain posters were claiming that what was written in the writer's bible and the Making of Star Trek should be taken as fact.
Sorry, but I just reviewed the thread, and I couldn't find a single post where anyone actually said that. Warped9 and Robert Comsol did mention TMoST as an authoritative reference about the creators' intentions, but the word "fact" did not appear in their posts. (Also they did not reference the writers' bible, which has nothing to say on the issue.) Mostly the only people who've used the word "fact" in this thread have been people insisting that it's not a fact. The closest anyone came to calling Kirk's destroyer command a fact was when you referred to it as a "factoid" in your previous post.

Sometimes posters are too quick to respond to what they think they remember other posters saying, rather than taking the time to go back and review what was actually said. We may not be able to arrive at any findings of fact about Kirk's early career, but the facts of what our fellow posters did and didn't say are quite easy to track down with a little care and patience.
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