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Braga is Pulling Seven's Strings Again.

Story by Brannon Braga, script by some other bugger.

But the point remains that Brannon was contracted to write a TNG story about the Borg, yet enbiggens his mandate by grabbing an avatar of the love of his life to make her dance for him... That has to be some sword of Damocles madness for Jeri that to the day she dies, if this actress ever does anything to annoy that man, that there are some truly horrible things which can become of Seven of Nine and it's her fault for poking the bear.

Here's the kicker.

It's actually a good read.

I wanted it to suck.

I hate it when he does a good job.

Even though the threat really seems like much of a rehash of Scorpion but then there's alternate covers like this...

Where you wonder if they're going to attack WWII?

Or at least crash the VJ party in Times Square?

(It's probably just an artist fooling around and has nothing to do with the actual story.)

But this is what would have happened if Brannon had a billion dollars to spend on each episode of Voyager and didn't have to worry about ratings.
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