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Re: NFL 2012 - Drive to Glory

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I honestly don't understand all the attention this is getting and am getting seriously tired of all the indignation. It wasn't any more egregious than the more notorious botched coin flips, push-offs, phantom PI calls, and miss-called non catches of the last 50 years of NFL football.
True enough, the regular refs were human too and sometimes botched calls or missed them. The difference here is the number of times it happens (in particular) and what types of mistakes are being made. If the replacement refs were doing as good a job as the regulars guys, meaning they blow a call every now and then, we wouldn't be hearing anything like what we're hearing now.

It is difficult for me to see one of the regular refs missing the Pack-Seahawks' end zone call.

The hyperbole and outrage of it being the "worst call in history" is just plain stupid. There have been many that were worse--several of which were in late season games or in the playoffs. This was a week three game.
People may be overreacting some, but the reason for that is that the replacement refs are so far, sub par. BTW, it is more the number of botched calls than the type.

People have even called them scabs. The thing is, had they not come to the rescue,
Pretty much the definition of a "scab" -- no? They came in to take over the jobs of the workers who aren't there and have "rescued" the owners.
the NFL would have been facing its second lockout situation in as many years. This would have killed the sport.
The NFL is facing it's second lockout in as many years. Take my word for it; this one won't kill the league any more than the last one did.

This has made these guys intimidated and unsure of themselves, and the whole thing has spun out of control.
What has made the replacements intimidated and unsure is the fact that they are all under trained and inexperienced, a lethal combo, and are trying to perform on the largest stage they could ever hope to perform upon. Blame the owners.
How many of the calls on Sunday were the direct result of coach and or player solicitation?
This is part of the replacements incompetence. Coaches try the same tactics on the regular refs but it doesn't work nearly as well because those guys are trained and experiened.
Don't blame the replacement refs.
The owners are to blame -- plain and simple. Most people are aware that the problem is the owners' lockout of the regular refs.

Partly because of the nature of the game of football, owership has been able to successfully suppress labor at every turn in the NFL. They are continuing that practise with the officials. They don't care what it does to the game because they know WE will always be there no matter what. History has proven them right in this regard.
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