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Re: The Revolution pilot is online now...

Guess so. They film in next to where I live. :P

Point stands, though. With rapid transportation comes the ability to grow commerce, communication, and so forth. It becomes power. Since Monroe seems to be the evil power monger of the show, stands to reason he'd want to control (or prevent) anyone else from having it.

Incidentally, what IS up with the helicopter? Could someone with an amulet presumably pilot it? Does someone have aviation fuel in a barrel somewhere? It's not like they can simply whip some up.

And regarding the iPhone, that bit struck close to home. The vast majority of my pictures are digital now, be they family pictures or my improv shows. When I saw that the Doctor had everything of her family on a phone that doesn't work, I immediately looked at my wife and thanked her for her scrapbooking.

Pictures preceded electricity, come to think of it. Assuming whatever is preventing all modern technology from working doesn't prevent some basic chemical reactions, people SHOULD be able to whip up the various solutions required to create and develop film and photo paper. They're still doing it now. Unless someone figures being able to create gasoline is more important, assuming internal combustion still works..?

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Oh, I like that Trek thing too...
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