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Re: Kate Mulgrew's decision to not have a romance

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OMG my power is finally back on. I've been sitting in the dark watching random episodes of Babylon 5 on my laptop before the battery died, drinking sherry and eating crackers under a blanket. It's been just like the blitz in London. I don't even like sherry, I've had this bottle for four years but sometimes it is atmospheric to drink it.

12 hours without the internet, I wanted to die.


That explains most of today's posts!

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Anyway. She was wearing a tux in the Killing Game, I am sure the only person she was having sex with was her beautiful money counting accomplice of the silver evening dress. Now maybe she was pimping her out as well.. but I doubt it. I think she had more ornamental value to the venue as the Madame's mistress.
If she was thinking that... it was ONLY because a certain American Captain had yet to 'enter the city'.

CAPTAIN MILLER/CHAKOTAY: You're a gung ho kind of gal, aren't ya?
JANEWAY/KATRINE: Does that bother you?
CAPTAIN MILLER/CHAKOTAY: Nope. Just not used to it, that's all. The girls back home are a little different.
JANEWAY/KATRINE: I guess when it comes to my people's safety, this girl tends to get a little gung ho.

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