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Re: Chevy Chase says doing Community show was a "Big Mistake"

JarodRussell wrote: View Post
All I'm saying is that it's pretty silly to make such harsh opinions about someone based on hearsay and gossip.
We'll add hearsay and gossip to the list of words you don't understand then. It's not "hearsay" when Chase says it himself. People are reacting to his words from the interview.

Calling him asshole and writing emotional rants about his alleged behavior makes you feel better somehow about yourselves, I get that.
It's not an emotional reaction in the slightest and it doesn't make me feel anything about myself. That's just how people looking to cause problems like to characterize their opponent's reactions in order to provoke a negative response. I don't actually give two shits about Chevy Chase and his attitude outside this thread. I'm just responding to a message board post like a normal person seeking back and forth discussion.

And no, I'm not going to stop to point that out, ever. Especially since it doesn't matter if it's about a celebrity or not. It could be a thread about 'My coworker is such a dick.' and everyone chimes in 'Yeah, what an asshole.'

And no, I also won't stop pointing out the hypocrisy every time it comes up. Never forget the Chase Masterson thread, that was a hilarious debacle. It was all fun and games and nobody felt obliged NOT to be rude, until she actually showed up.
Thank you, Internet Hero.

That's a double standard, and you all know it. Stop being rude in front and behind people. You are actually accusing ME of being rudeand of trolling?! Look in the mirror. We have that behavior all over these message boards. 'William Shatner is an arrogant prick, because I heard so.' It's disgusting trash talk from people who are not involved AT ALl that's what it is.
I agree with you when people are criticizing someone for something they have no proof of or for sexist, racist, and similar reasons; and have spoken up when that happens. But I don't have any problem with criticizing someone for the things they actually say and do, such as this situation with Chase. I get that you do, but browbeating everyone and accusing them of hysterics and hypocrisy doesn't really sell your point very well, now does it? Plus, you're just making the entire thread about you, which might be what you wanted anyway, so congratulations. If you had just let it go with getting the last word before this would have been over, but you had to take another dig, didn't you?
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