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Re: British Fantasy Series Sinbad Coming to Syfy

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anyone remember the late 90s Sinbad series? i remember watching it quite a bit. it was alright.
It was mediocre, neither the best nor the worst of the glut of syndicated fantasy-action series that arose to mimic Xena around that time. It was mainly annoying for having a mostly white cast, and even having Sinbad apparently be a European who'd been displaced to the Mideast -- and for having its one black cast member be stuck playing a mute character. On the plus side, one of its regulars was George Buza, who was the voice of Beast in the '90s X-Men animated series (and a trucker in the first X-Men movie, coincidentally).
i haven't watched it in ages but i thought it was a decent show. i remember it had some shoddy CGI monsters and the main girl was pretty hot. thats about the extent of my memories though.
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