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Re: Hawaii 5-0 Season 3 discussion/spoilers

Delano is like one of those high overhead/low reward Bond villains. "Okay guys, here's the plan. We're going to spend $29 million on the ship, helicopter, lift crane, aquasleds, SCUBA gear, weapons, and the team of mercenaries, but that last million from selling the meth is all ours to split 17 ways if we don't all get killed breaking into the police station."

That whole Wo-Fat rescue sequence was ridiculous. I love the entire HPD caravan being completely oblivious to the giant obviously CGI helicopter hovering directly overhead and lowering a crane. You'd think one of them would look up and say "Wow, that looks really fake, but holy shit, maybe we better let the guys in the van know to turn or something?" It's no wonder HPD cops die more often than LAPD cops in Lethal Weapon movies; they're not paying attention.

Speaking of lack of communication, it seems like the police evidence locker situation could have been resolved without the death of an officer and the escape of Delano's crew had Steve simply called ahead to HPD officers they trust and told them what was happening in their building instead of racing over there to handle it themselves without warning anyone. There might have been a shootout, but they also might have taken them down without incident thanks to having the element of surprise. But Steve and crew had to do it themselves. There's no Hawaii in Team, Steve.

I agree with the consensus that Wo-Fat is definitely Doris' son and Steve's half-brother, which is why they didn't shoot each other and she let him escape once he knew the truth. I imagine she got close to the father by pretending to fall in love with him and before she finally killed him she discovered she was pregnant with Baby Fat.

Sucks about Reiko Aylesworth. I always liked her, and they keep killing her off in stuff. Plus, it would be nice to cut Chin-Ho some slack for a change instead of him suffering constant problems and loss.

The freeway shootout was pretty cool, and Chin-Ho straight up executing Delano was hard core. Forensics would totally be able to tell that he shot Delano from a standing position at point blank range, so I don't know if this will be the new season long arc of adversity Chin-Ho has to face in addition to losing his wife and nearly losing his cousin. His conscience getting to him after the shootout could indicate that it will be followed up.
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