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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

It occurs to me that the track listings are going to need a lot of those little asterisks that are used to indicate when a cue by one composer incorporates a motif by a different composer. Every TOS composer (except Samuel Matlovsky, I think) used Courage's main title theme, usually the fanfare portion, so there are going to be a ton of asterisks for that alone. Steiner also paraphrased Courage's "Where No Man" motif in "Mirror, Mirror." And George Duning borrowed Steiner's Romulan/Terran Empire motif for Henoch in "Return to Tomorrow," and used a 10-note phrase from one of Gerald Fried's "Amok Time" cues as a recurring Spock theme in several episodes -- then borrowed even more of that cue for the point in "The Empath" when McCoy drugs Spock unconscious. So that's at least three composers' work that was quoted/paraphrased by different composers.
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