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Re: Chevy Chase says doing Community show was a "Big Mistake"

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This thread is hilarious.

Actor says: I think sitcoms are the lowest form of television (which isn't that far fetched actually).

Average TrekBBS member go: Fuck you, asshole! He has always been an asshole. Blablabla.
A did not lead to B, in this instance.

They aren't necessarily mutually exclusive, but the two facts can exist independently. But one would only need to read some of the things Chevy has done and said about his experiences on Community to know that he isn't exactly a team player.

Did you know that he films a lot of his scenes on different days from the rest of the cast, on his own "schedule"? They are able to mask this with clever editing, but the fact is that he doesn't always share the screen with his coworkers. Not sure what a curmudgeonly 70 year old man has going on that's more important than his job, but he certainly likes to punch the clock and do the bare minimum for the Pierce role.

And yes, I'm fully aware you were being a troll.
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