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Re: Think We'll Ever See A Trek Series Longer Than 7 seasons?

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I doubt it. With the way ratings and such works anymore, we'd be lucky to get seven episodes.
On broadcast, sure. Audiences are lower for everything because more and more shows are competing for the same free hours people have for entertainment and the population isn't growing nearly as quickly as cable channels and now streaming channels with original content too.

So to make the math work, some factor has to change. That factor is how much each viewer is worth. Broadcast only gets ad revenues, but add in the fees tha basic cable gets or even better subscription based or pay per view premium cable or streaming, and that could compensate for the high budget/niche audience problem.

We can get Star Trek back, but we'll have to pay more for it that by just watching ads. That's why broadcast is out, especially since the broadcaster in question would be CBS.

If FOX or NBC had the rights, I could maybe see them rolling the dice with a pricely space opera series, and even then it would be a long shot and probably wouldn't work. Above all, I want the next series to be on a channel where it can live long and prosper!

As for Maywearher, he was pretty boring all the way thru ENT but that seems like something we can blame on broadcast TV that will be less likely to be repeated on cable or streaming where audiences are less likely to reward blandness.
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