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Re: Federation Law of restricting cloaking device

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But that already requires a lot of explaining.
It doesn't REQUIRE anything of the kind. It might give you more things to think about as for how the war was perpetrated and what kinds of targets were hit by whom and as part of what campaigns. But you have to keep in mind that Deep Space Nine isn't a grand war epic about the Federation vs. the Dominion, it's a show about a guy who lives with his son on a space station on the frontier.

Sisko was at the very thick of things, by far the most likely location in the entire war for the use of cloaked missiles
And who, other than the Klingons and Romulans, would have USED cloaked missiles?

Deep Space Nine wasn't a Romulan station, and despite the perennial Klingon presence there, it wasn't one of their major staging areas either. If the Klingons wanted to bombard strategic Cardassian targets, they would have done it from a location THEY controlled, at a time that was convenient for their strategic priorities.

If not for the Eastern Front, WWII would have been concluded by this very type of warfare, with Germany bombarding Britain to submission across the Channel with ballistic weapons, and Britain futilely attempting the reverse with aerodynamic (and crewed) weapons.
Not in the Pacific Theatre it wouldn't. Which, again, is kind of the point: the Battle of Britain is a massively important front in the war, but is almost never mentioned in movies set in the Pacific theatre. If you didn't know the history of World War-II you would almost think those were two entirely different conflicts that had nothing to do with each other.

the land armies -- the people most likely to use those kinds of weapons
I'd argue that the dramatic analogy would be to strategic weaponry traditionally operated by the Navy
I would too, except IMO it wouldn't be an analogy and the Klingons would be launching those missiles from actual submarines that can more easily hide from sensors and/or counterattack.

Land armies would be but targets,
You've been saying that for years, but if starships and space superiority were really the strategic silver bullet you keep implying it is, ground combat itself would be impossible.

As it stands, this is not even true if modern day warfare, as even armies that achieve total and overwhelming air superiority STILL have to send in troops to go in and take possession of a parcel of land. A starship presence is considerably less immediate than a gunship or a fighter plane and the troops are fighting over landmasses the size of continents. More importantly: this is the Klingons we're talking about. They would intentionally maintain heavily shielded ground fortifications for long periods of time just to give the Jem'hadar an excuse to land and fight them. And knowing the Jem'hadar, they would happily oblige.

After all, we can worry about the lack of missile portrayal in the episodes - but if they were portrayed, we would be well aware of the precedent of what we would see, which is affordable destruction such as entire planets being slagged, rather than prohibitively expensive destruction such as a squad getting blown to bits.
Theoretically, planetary destruction is ALREADY inexpensive, since a single starship is supposed to be able to lay waste to entire planets if it so chooses. Starships invariably refrain from doing so even in the event of full scale war, however, and I don't see how missile bombardment would be any different. As for precedent, it would really be no different than any other weapon we see for the first time all of a sudden -- the Jem'hadar "Houdini" mines, for instance -- and scratch our heads wondering why they don't use them ALL THE TIME.

In short, both the effects and the causes would be right in Sisko's ballpark, not in Lieutenant Burke's.
Neither, actually. They'd be GENERAL MARTOK'S ballpark, since a cloaked ISBM would be a Klingon weapon, not a Federation one. And even then, Martok probably wouldn't have a lot of direct control over how and when they're used, since the Klingon units deploying those kinds of weapons would be units that don't have combat ships of their own and therefore use those missiles as part of an unconventional/covert ops strategy.
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