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Re: Thomas Edison crime fighter? NBC pilot in development

Even in he context of the continual torrent of bad broadcast TV ideas, this one is a standout. The deadline comments folks are suggesting Tesla as the hero, Edison as the villain, that could just work. Lose the wtf procedural angle, tho.

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Is it really possible that I myself have no rights after my death? Lincoln gets turned into a vampire killer, Edison gets turned into a crime fighter... I kinda dislike stuff like that. It skews the facts and over time, the masses will not know the guys for what they really were, but from what they've seen on TV.
Wait until someone does an action/adventure series with George Washington
If done right, that actually could be kind of cool and not that inconsistent with his real-life experience as a military man.
Some cable channel, maybe it was AMC, was developing a Revolutionary War spy drama, but sadly it didn't survive. That could have been cool.

And I'm pretty sure Ghandi fought zombies.
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