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Re: The Genesis planet...

"The failure of Genesis should always be down to David taking a huge gamble with protomatter. It preserves his character, and the tragedy that goes with it." -- Admiral M

Ironically, this is the very thing I LIKE about the Genesis Wave novels. If I remember correctly, everyone at the time of Kirk believe that the problem with the Genesis device was the use of protomatter. It was a gamble, and in this case, it failed with disastrous results. However, it is only years later that some scientists in the Federation recognized that the protomatter didn't cause the failure of the Genesis device, but rather how and where the device was activated. Much like an artist who dies in poverty only to have his paintings make millions only after his death, Marcus' achievements would never be recognized until well after it was meaningless to those working the project because Marcus took a gamble and used material that was considered too risky.
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