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Re: British Fantasy Series Sinbad Coming to Syfy

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For second century Baghdad they were all just two clean.
The depiction of people from the past as squalid and unwashed is largely a fictional conceit. They actually had pretty good hygiene in most civilized parts of the world. It was really only in Northern Europe that bathing was uncommon in medieval times, and that probably had to do with the cold climate.

We're actually talking about the eighth century for this show, not the second; that's the early Islamic era, and Islam has always placed a high premium on physical cleanliness as a fundamental part of ritual purity. And even aside from the ritual aspects, the medieval Islamic world had very sophisticated knowledge of medicine and health, and would have understood the importance of cleanliness. The neighboring Byzantine Empire, with which they would've had active commerce and cultural exchange, had some of the highest hygienic standards in the medieval world.
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