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Re: Dredd - Grade, Review, Discuss, Spoilers

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I saw it today and had a blast. I actually felt the 3D was worth it. It's a shame this movie is tanking. I was the only person in my theater.

One little quibble I have though, is that the plot of this film is almost exactly the plot of The Raid. They take different approaches to the same plot, though, so I didn't mind it so much. The Raid is a martial arts film, and this is a comic book action film.
Just to let you know, the creators of "Dredd" were working on their film prior to and concurrently with "The Raid," so it's just a coincidence. IMO, "The Raid" is highly overrated. "Dredd" is a far better film.
I agree. I enjoyed The Raid. It had some very impressive fight choreography. Overall, though, I thought Dredd was just more fun.

I never said I thought one copied off the other. I pretty much assumed it was coincidence. Kinda like A-Team and Losers a couple years ago.
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